Kissed By Oshun

Coffee & Tea infused

Hair Puddings, Body Glazes and Foot Muds


Greetings 안녕하세요, Welcome GetKissed By Oshun from Crown to Sole! Owner Oshun Ede Crawford

 Kissed By Oshun's  ingredients are All Natural! 

Kissed By Oshun's "CHAI JADE" Hair Pudding A Chai Tea , Matcha Green Tea Powder Ginger & Seaweed infusion

Kissed By Oshun's famous "COLOR ME COFFEE" Hair Pudding AND "MOCHA KISSES" Body Glaze is always unmatched and favored for its  Mango Butter, Coffee Bean Oil/Cocoa infusion.  I promise your skin AND scalp will feel so gratefully pampered .

Kissed By Oshun is hella proud to present MACCHIATO DREAM Body Glaze it is super whipped White Chocolate infusion Get Into IT!👍

"MUDDY FEET" Foot Mud,I cannot put into words.I find this favored by individuals who spend lots of time on their feet( from Joggers to Doctors and Ballerinas) ending their night with a final application of Kissed By Oshun's "MUDDY FEET" , a joy among many.The Hand Grounded Coffee Beans AND The Crushed Black Tea Leaf infusion is always the icing on the cake.Seriously,it's a wonderful treat to one's Feet! 

These infusions are past magical!!!!!

Kissed By Oshun's "MOON WALK" Foot Cream has everyone speechless you just may be able to Moon walk! especially after following that with Kissed By Oshun's Mocha Kisses Foot Powder!!!!!(Both along with Muddy Feet Foot Mud are employed in Kissed By Oshun's service ; "Foot Prints"). Lastly get into Kissed By Oshun therapeutic service : "Liquid Head" an amazing scalp maNIPulation utilizing Kissed By Oshun SIGNATURE Yam & Spinach Oils!

Oh but wait there's more I need you all to check out these Contributing Websites they have amazing information

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Kissed By Oshun

Akambusu na Oshun

Oshun 키스



Kissed By Oshun

COLOR ME COFFEE Hair Pudding (CoffeeBean infused)& CHAI JADE Hair Pudding (TEA infused)

Get Kissed 👑 to SOLE

Kissed By Oshun

Coffee&Tea infused Hair Puddings Body Glazes & Foot Muds!

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Created by Oshun Ede